Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Waiting Out the Storms

When life comes at you full-swing, and you're stumbling back from the blow, encourage yourself to sit still for a moment. Allow the feeling of being overwhelmed to pass. Allow a plan to form inside your head. Allow peace to attempt to permeate your muddled mind.


One of the worst things you can do when life comes at you hard is to rush right back at it in the same fashion. You know what happens then? A collision.


Sitting back is a better bet. Maybe pick up the pieces and work on gluing them back together. If a storm is happening, you can't clean things up while it's still going on. You have to wait until its over. You can't run out into the storm to fight it and expect not to be swept away by what's going on around you. You can't repair things during the storm. You have to wait until it's over. And then, when the worst has passed, you can head outside again and try to clear things up.


Waiting is difficult. When you see the world around you being tossed about, it's not easy to just sit there and wait. It's so much easier to panic and run full force into it all.


Resist the urge.


Wait it out.


The calm will come sooner rather than later…and then you can begin to mend what's been happening.