Friday, December 6, 2013

FYI: What's In Store

Just a reminder that more than 300 of my videos are available on a variety of eating disorder, recovery, and mental health topics. You can find them here on my channel. Not all of them are posted here, so please subscribe to stay up to date on all new videos:

In addition, this a playlist of just the past year's Wednesday videos:

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Over the next 3 weeks, I will be covering these topics for the holiday season:

Week 1 (Dec 9): CELEBRATING YOUR STRENGTHS - What are they? How can you appreciate them? How can you enhance them? How can you build on them?

Week 2 (Dec 16): BEING KIND TO YOURSELF DURING THE HOLIDAYS - recognizing triggers, remembering the positives behind the celebrations and events, asking for support, loving yourself enough to cut yourself a break or let yourself enjoy things you are afraid of!

Week 3 (Dec 23): FINDING YOUR INNER CHILD - Being a child at heart can go a long way. Look for things that make you feel like a happy kid and do them as much as possible!

You Are Not Your Past

This week's video is about accepting, forgiving, and moving forward. Have you been hurt? Wronged? Abused? Have you done things you are ashamed of? Are you feeling guilty? Whatever the situation, you are not your past. Live in the now.