About Arielle

Hi! I'm Arielle and I wear many hats.

I'm an MSW, LSW, Eating Disorder Recovery blogger, ANAD eating disorder support group leader, Family & Eating Disorder Resource Liaison, speaker, and wife. I'm also a social worker at a fantastic senior living facility in my area and a volunteer at Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley, an agency which helps victims/survivors of domestic violence.

I'm 29 years old and in addition to my MSW, LSW, I have a Bachelor's Degree in English and in Women's Studies. I completed some awesome research on eating disorders in 2012.
 Feel free to ask me about it.

I am a recovered individual myself and my number one goal is to show others that recovery is possible. Hope is my favorite personal value.

I'm a proud member of EDAN (Eating Disorder Activist Network) and a contributing blogger for the FANTASTICALLY informative and renowned Libero Network.

I post an Eating Disorder Recovery video on YouTube every Wednesday and several "bonus" videos at other intervals. You can visit my channel here: Arielle Lee Bair on YouTube
I make a point to personally answer all emails I receive, but I do receive a large volume of mail (and work full time, own a house, lead a group, make videos, help people with recovery, have a husband, and love to live life!), so response time will vary. Be patient with me and please don't hesitate to write!

You may friend me on Facebook by "liking" my Official Page via the icon on the left sidebar or follow me on Twitter.

I do have a personal, every day blog, One Page at a Time, which is devoted to my personal life, little stories, hobbies, personal triumphs, family, kitties, etc. for anyone who wishes to get a glimpse into the life of the woman behind the eating disorder recovery advocacy. :-)

You can check out my awards and guest posts for other sites here: Awards + Recognition
A (com)passionate and active activist and advocate to the core, I serve YOU, not my wallet. Thank you so much for visiting.