Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eating Disorders, OCD, and Anxiety

This week I discuss these 3 and how they are linked. I also discuss ways of dealing with anxiety, and disclose a bit of personal information, which is not very typical for me. :)


Sarah said...

This is probably the video that had been the most relevant to me. I thought I'd share my experience:

I have suffered with phobia-anxiety and OCD since I was around 7/8 years old - all surrounding food. It's my anxiety around food and sickness that led to me attending EDU in my pre-teen and teeenage years and caused me so much trauma then and led to AN tendencies to restrict etc.

They are also one of (the many things)that led me to my AN diagnosis in my mid-twenties and the obsessions with fat, greed, health and control fed my ED and my anxieties kept me there.

Now in recovery my obsessions and anxieties around food and eating, body, control and perfection that are the biggest barriers to overcome. They can almost 'trap' you in your ED and like I said on Twitter - the triangle of ED, OCD and ANX can sometimes feel like they are ganging up on you!

Great video and thank you.

Arielle Bair, MSW, LSW said...

Thanks for your comment, Sarah, and for sharing your experience. It definitely makes things more challenging when there are multiple diagnoses. Thanks for reading/watching. :)