Arielle's YouTube Videos By Topic!

I get a lot of email. And it's come to my attention that when I've been emailed recovery questions lately, I seem to direct people to one of my videos that answered their exact question. And it gave me an idea.

You all know that I post my weekly videos here as they're made, but what about my hundreds of videos that are already out there? I thought it might be nice for readers to be able to come here and find an organization page of my videos, read the topics, and go from there. That way, you can find ones you may want to go back to, ones you have never seen (I've been doing this a while), and ones that apply to very specific questions.

So here are my two video logs (my personal self-help/motivational uploads re: eating disorders and my weekly Wednesday Warrior videos for the WeRFreEDomFighters YouTube collaboration). If you don't see something you'd like to see, shoot me a comment or an email and I'll get to it. :)

I will update this list periodically, as I consistently make new videos on new topics.

Arielle's Bonus videos  (165)

Arielle's Wednesday Warrior Videos (248)