Arielle's Letters to YOU

So often, those with eating disorders come to the point where they have the desire and the drive to recover. They actively want recovery, but don’t know how to begin. They may have therapists and nutritionists to guide them, but the eating disordered individuals themselves aren’t quite sure what to expect on the road to recovery. They wish for techniques to aid them, tips to lead them along their way, and above all, the support of someone who knows what they are going through.

This is why I started this blog in 2007. It took me a long time to figure out what needed to be done in order to recover. This is not to say that the process is the same for everyone who struggles with an eating disorder. Everyone’s experiences are different. But at the core, there is a basic mentality that needs to be learned and acquired in order to succeed at recovery long-term. 

It’s a difficult battle. I was there once too. And now I’m here on the other side, rooting for you. Waiting for you to join me. I have skills, background, education, and insight that allow me to write what I write and speak what I speak. But what's even more important than that is this: I am a woman who left her eating disorder behind. All I have are my words, but I hope my words will mean something to you. You can consider this blog a guidebook, a life-coaching in paragraph form, or just a collection of techniques on how to live apart from your eating disorder. Whatever you want to call it, I hope it helps.

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So be brave, be bold, be strong--and use yourself and your words to combat what eating disorders stand for. This is not easy. This is not a one-day job; this is a lifetime job. But you are not alone and you are not a lost cause. Turn tears to words and find yourself. Nurture yourself. Nourish yourself. Heal the hurt. And never ever give up. -Arielle