Saturday, January 5, 2008

You Are A Beautiful Flower

Sounds like bullshit, I know...but hear me out.

Today I was looking at a flower and thinking. I was thinking about the flower in reference to self-destructive behavior and/or thought.

Think of yourself as a flower. And every time you think or say something bad about yourself--or do something bad or negative to yourself--you are ripping a petal off. If you do it enough, pretty soon you'll have no petals left...and you'll be just a stem with nothing left...or worse yet, you will die.

I know that I want to be a beautiful flower, not a dying stem. What about you?

(c) Art by Arielle Lee Becker


Emily Jolie said...

Oh, Arielle. You have the most beautiful and inspiring things to say! You have such a wonderful spirit for offering the world inspiration in form of your words and art! The painting is beautiful! (As are you! ;))

love to you, sweet Arielle,


Arielle said...

Thanks, ej. :) Your comments always make me smile.

Much love,

Emily Jolie said...

I'm glad they do, Arielle. That's what they are intended to do! :)

Have a wonderful day!