Friday, December 14, 2007

Crazy Little Voices

Something I wrote 4 years ago...before I realized I was NOT alone.

Crazy little voices

Tricky little words

Something in my corners

That looks to me absurd

I travel in a triumph

I whither in the rain

Cold white bone beneath

The tightening skin and pain

The somethings all around

Blare up like heinous horns

I hold my ears in horror

While my little sore heart mourns

The trees are standing watch—yes

The eyes are all on me

And are they coming closer

To see what they can see?

My face looks like a child’s

My mind feels like a stone

My body is a battlefield

And here I stand alone

I think sometimes the scariest part is that we feel we are trapped and alone. But the truth is, there is a way out and it just takes time to find it. There are a lot of people who deal with the same pain, the same circumstances, and we can help each other. You've got to use what you've got inside--what you've dealt with so far and are continuing to deal with on a daily basis--and you've got to consider it an advantage, a wisdom, and a power. Instead of letting it bring you down, rise above.

Much love,


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