Thursday, August 7, 2008

Directing Your Anger


Anger isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you're feeling bad, when your day has gotten the best of you, when you're drained and sad and frustrated, when you're feeling alone or you're up against a wall, or you're just annoyed that you've had another setback—get angry. Just get furious.


But don't get angry at your yourself.


Get angry at your eating disorder.


Don't make yourself the target of such negativity and frustration. Get angry at IT.


Why berate yourself for messing up, for screwing up, for not being able to do something as you wished to?


Your eating disorder is the problem. Not you.


So fight back. At IT. Not at yourself.


You are the pillar. You are the good. Don't pick at yourself and slowly destroy.


You don't even have to change your attitude, your outlook, or your emotions. You just have to channel them in a different direction. Face them at your eating disorder and fire away.


Anger isn't necessarily a bad thing. Use it to your advantage.

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