Sunday, September 28, 2008

Artifacts by Arielle

I have a little side business--an artistic jewelry business--called Artifacts by Arielle.

I've started creating "Recovery Jewelry" for eating disorders.

There are currently only 13 items up for sale on my merchant website, but I hope to add more this week and continue to add more items as I create them.

The descriptions and extra photos on the website say more, but here's a sample:

You can find more here: Artifacts by Arielle The first category at the bottom of the main page is "Recovery Jewelry."

I have a message and I'm trying to spread it. A reminder you can wear is always a good thing.
Sending love to all.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Some great things you have created :) I especially love the Live Laugh Love Shades of Green Wrap Bracelet! Hmmm...maybe an early Christmas gift for myself :) I'll post a link to your page on my blog!

Arielle said...


Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words and your offer to post a link to my site on your blog. Glad you liked the jewelry. :) I'll keep it coming!

Much love,

Emily Jolie said...

Hi Arielle,

Your jewelry is beautiful! And I just saw that you started an ED support group. How AWESOME!! I would so come and join in if I lived in PA! :)

much love to you,