Monday, April 6, 2009

Video: To the Girl


Anonymous said...

I've listened to your poetry, and I think I am locked inside the only place where I feel sheltered,where I feel safe. With anoexia I lost myself in my search to find something else to hide behind the real me. And now, I have nothing. Now I am only "the girl". And I don't know what to do.


Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

J. (Anonymous),

I’d like to respond to you via an actual post right here on my blog. Give me a day and you’ll have it. :) Your comment gives me a lot to think about… and there’s so much I want to say. Because your words are ones I’ve heard before, from other sufferers, I’d like to display them where others can read them as well. I understand where you’re coming from… and believe me… you may feel locked… but you have the key. More on that to come. Hang in there.

Til later,

Afterglow05 said...

Arielle -

This is an awesome piece of poetry. It tells the tale of where you were, how hard you've had to fight, and where you are now. It means a lot.

I read above about you wanting to write back on your blog through comments so that others can share the wealth of knowledge - so here goes nothing:

Things got better for a few days, and then a week, until I find myself staring at the same question - do I WANT to get better and be more than this? I fight it everyday and some days I give up and give in...other days I'm strong (so to speak) and don't eat at all, I can't allow it. How did you go about making that change? I can't seem to find the middle ground, or even solid ground at this point to stand on. It's either all or nothing, black or white...

Thank you for all that you do!

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Afterglow -

Thank you! :) I promise I will respond to your comment (right on the blog) in due time. I just finished a very length response to J's comment and as you can see, I usually have a lot to say!

Give me a couple of days and a response will be on the blog. Do you mind if I re-post your comment at the top of my next post, so that everyone knows to what I am referring?

Just wanted to check. J. was anonymous, but you have a screen name others may know, so I wanted to make sure. :)

Take care,

Mrs. B said...


Once again you have given me a glimpse inside my dayghter's heart and mind. I watched your video and cried--it sounded like the conversation we had on the way home from work.Thank you so much for sharing your heart, struggles and victories. I let my daughter watch(she didn't want to) but I knew how she would respond--with tears as well. I think you have a gift--of hearing what isn't said and knowing what to say in response..what a blessing you must be to the ladies in your group... I wish you lived in MI--my daughter would benefit from your wisdom. Many thanks for helping me understand a little bit of her mind set and thought processes.

love mrsb

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Mrs. B.-

Your words are always light in my day. Thank you so much for what you say and for taking the time to say it to me. It is comments like yours that keep my words coming on a regular basis. I'm so glad I was again able to give you a glimpse into your daughter's mind. I'm not surprised the video made you both cry. I cried when I wrote the poem and I was choked up as I read parts of it for the camera. Thank you for all the compliments; I wish I could speak with your daughter as much for her benefit as for my own, and be sure that I benefit from the ladies in my group as much as they benefit from me. :) Thanks, as always, for reading.

Much love,