Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Message from Arielle

For all the Americans out there, it's Thanksgiving Day today. Here's a message. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving! Thanks for the encouragement :) You are amazing!


Anonymous said...

thanks for taking the time to post a video. i'm from the north but now live in the south... i miss snow!

hope you had a great day


Lisa said...

Hey! I just started following your blog! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving!

Incredible Eating Anorexics said...

your so beautiful. xxx

Linea said...

Thank you for this video. Wish I would have seen it on Thanksgiving when I was having such a hard time with all the "food centered activity" (you put that so perfectly) and that I would have remembered then what the day was about. I suppose it is never too late though to focus on what I am thankful for, so thank you. I am thankful there are people out there that are addressing and talking about these issues.