Saturday, April 2, 2011

For Those in the Depths of Despair

If you're struggling a lot right now, this is for you.

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withoutexit(?) said...

oh gosh, i don't even know what to say! perfect timing. i logged in today after a while and found this video and it really made my day.
i'm so so desperate right now. and from your words it seemed like you knew me,you knew exactly what i'm going through,how much i'm struggling and how much i'm tempted to just give up. of course you know it,cause you've been there before,unfortunately.
but i really don't know what to do next,how to just keep going. it's too much,it's overwhelming and i don't think i'm strong enough..
but i'll try to keep your words in mind. i'll really try.
thanks,thanks and thanks for this video. i really needed it.