Friday, June 10, 2011

Call For Women Over 70

I am asking for your help.

I am doing a small research project for my MSW (Masters in Social Work) on body image/food issues in women ages 70 – 100. This is a topic not often discussed, but I know struggling women in this age group exist. The harsh reality persists that many women do not reach age 70 and older due to eating disorders or complications from behaviors related to eating disorders, but there ARE still women out there who have these issues and I would like to a) give them a voice b) contribute to (lack of) research in this area and 3) learn.

If you are a female aged 70 or older who has body image issues (whether diagnosed with an eating disorder or not), who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder, or who struggles with food (whether diagnosed with an eating disorder or not), or all of the above, please contact me by clicking "EMAIL ARIELLE" on the left sidebar if you would be willing to participate in a brief interview (via a 10 question survey) through email. You can also leave your email address in a comment to this post and I will contact you. You may participate anonymously if you prefer, or may give your full or first name. I am only interested in your responses and your age, and will not judge or label in anyway; I am conducting this research from a personal place of deep understanding.

It does not matter if you dealt with these issues as young adult and still deal with them today or if you developed these issues later in your life – your story is important to me.

I know you are out there, because I’ve received emails from women meeting these criteria in the past!

If you know a woman who meets these criteria and would be willing to talk about body image and/or eating issues, I will gladly email a survey you can print so that you may ask the questions yourself and reply to me via email.


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