Thursday, August 4, 2011

Passing It Along

Recent article by a teen - "What I Wish Parents Knew About Eating Disorders" - thought I'd share.

Check it out, parents and others!

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Veggie said...

I can relate a lot with this article! The girl who wrote this, thinks the same things that I think about anorexia. It seems like she can understand me more rhat all the peolpe who are living all around me.

My favourite piece is:

"People with anorexia nervosa feel like they are able to gain control through extreme dieting and strict rules around food. They control what they eat, and eventually the shape and size of their body. Although it is an unhealthy coping mechanism, the eating disorder gives them a sense of relief that there is one thing in their life they can completely control without anyone else being able to have an influence."

It's very, very true to me.

Also important are the things said to the parents: just something to think about, if you have a daughter with an ED...