Friday, February 13, 2009

The Healing (and Inspiring) Power of Music

Been thinking lately about music and its ability to really invigorate a good mood, get rid of a bad mood, or simply make one feel braver. Recently, I went through a bunch of what I consider "recovery music" to make a CD for a dear friend and I was again struck by how amazing some of the songs are. So, I thought I'd share a few choice ones with all of you, in case you have some room on a special playlist or are looking to create a recovery CD of your own.


If you have any good suggestions for "recovery" songs, let me know! (I have more too!)


For now, these are some of my favorites (my top 6 actually):


Bottom of the Barrel by Amos Lee

Happy by Natasha Bedingfield

Twisted Logic by Coldplay

No Lookin' Back by Kenny Loggins

Watershed by the Indigo Girls

Fill Your Heart by David Bowie


Share yours!


licketysplit said...

Music is so amazing and has definitely had an impact on my recovery. It has also been a tool to help me experience and express a variety of emotions.
I love just about anything from Superchick
Other favorites are:
'Soar' by Christina Aguilera
'Video' by Indie Arie
'Right to be Wrong' by Joss Stone
'Whether You Fall' by Tracy Bonham
'Learning to Breathe' by Nerina Pallot
'Cry on My Shoulder' by Overflow
'lullaby for a Stormy Night' by Vienna Teng
'Freckles' by Natasha Bedingfield
'All We Are' by Matt Nathanson
'Won't Back Down' by Mat Kearney
'Just a Little Bit' & 'Fragile' by Maria Mena

...And many more :)

Cammy said...

I agree, music definitely has a way of hitting home with me, and often brings up emotions that I normally can't won't access. I now have two discs of "recovery soundtrack" songs, most of them are listed here last summer, although I need to go through and make another disc soon...thanks for the song recommendations!

Anonymous said...

"Not done yet" (by Superchicks)
"Imperfect girl" (by t.A.T.u.)