Friday, November 13, 2009

Your Votes are Helping!

Just a quick reminder to vote! :)

You may remember that about a month ago, I asked for a little help regarding my blog. I'm a Top HealthBlogger with Wellsphere and that badge on my sidebar is there because of the Blogger Awards. Well, you guys have been voting for me, and it's really made an amazing impact! Last I checked, I was #9 in the Top 20!

You guys are fantastic.

The voting continues until December 15th, so if you'd still like to place a vote, there's plenty of time. If you like this blog and it's been helpful for you, I'd appreciate it so much.

My response to the last reader question is coming, as well as more art from... you!


lizziecarr said...

Just voted for you! Yay for your twitter alerting me to the opportunity to support you! :-) keep up the awesome blogging!

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Thanks so much!