Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eating Disorder Awareness Week!

As many of you know, this week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week! It's a time to celebrate recovery and a time to remember those who've been lost to their illness.

I'm going to be holding an Eating Disorder Awareness Fundraiser and Vigil this spring (it's far too cold here in PA to have one this week and many organizations have vigils throughout the year), so for now I want to leave you with a bunch of resources and awesome websites.

- awesome site - you will love it! - an artist who recovered from an ED sells BEAUTIFUL pendants made from spoons - I have one!
ANAD - lots of great resources here - including hotline and help finding support groups in your area and other listings - it's the organization I'm affiliated with to run my support group
WeRFreEDomFighters - the YouTube recovery collaboration I'm a part of on a weekly basis - you know, my "Wednesday Warriors" videos - there's some awesome stuff on there and new videos get put up each day with brand new topics
EDC - The Eating Disorders Coalition has lots of ways you can help out with awareness, prevention, and change!
Gurze Books - an excellent resource for all eating disorder relating books
ArielleLeeBair - my YouTube channel - 90% of all videos there are ED recovery related - the other 10% are just personal or family related!
Love Your Body - the Love Your Body campaign holds events and sells great and creative stuff to promote loving your body
NEDA - another worthy organization that has a plethora of resources, including a hotline
Light a Candle - You can light a virtual candle for a survivor or a lost loved one here - no need to leave your home or find a vigil near you

When I hold my event in the spring (definitely more information on that to come, as soon as I have all the details) this is one of the things I will be reading to the public. Take it to heart today and have a wonderful and important week, everyone.

ANAD Pledge

I will accept myself as I am.

My uniqueness is a badge of honor, something to be proud of. There is no one in the world quite like me and I will strive to develop my special skills and abilities.

I will accept others as they are.

Each person is special and different. I will to try to learn from these differences rather than be critical of them.

I will support diversity and freedom of expression in

the way people think, look and live.

There is no single standard of “rightness,” rather we live in a world of individuals, each of whom provides a different answer. Through our differences humanity continues to evolve.

I will not tolerate physical or mental abuse.

There is NEVER a reason for people to hurt other people and I will do my utmost to prevent such abuse. We are all equal and deserve the same thoughtful consideration.

I will actively work to change media programming and advertising

that exploits or demeans the human body.

Setting standards of physical “perfection” is harmful to everybody. The media needs to understand that real human beauty lies in our differences, not our similarities.

I will work to improve the lives of individuals, communities

and the environment.

As a responsible member of society, I understand that the more good I do for the people and places around me, the better off everyone will be. We need to think not only of today, but of tomorrow and our children’s future.

I will support good health through proper nutrition, regular

exercise and adequate sleep.

Good health enables us to achieve success in life— at work, at home and in our
personal relationships.

Hold your heads high, keep reaching for recovery, and celebrate yourselves!


Anonymous said...

Perfect!Great! This helped a bunch! I've seen several
rather confusing sites lately, this cleared up a lot confusion I had.

Nicole said...

Thanks for posting all of these awesome sites and the ANAD pledge! :)

Shelly said...

Love the pledge! Thanks for sharing! Just found your blog but am very inspired by it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pledge! It was great to read!