Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year, New Thinking

This week's video is a MUST-SEE for all. :)

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luapimoan said...

Thank you for a really positive way to start 2011 :) I have been flicking through this year's journals on a hunt for achievements! On looking back I realise I have made progress this year in terms of recovery, but also that there are further steps I must take. I got thinking on weight, and what it means to be healthy, for I know I must aim towards this. In my head, I have this idea that a BMI of 20 is where I need to aim. However, about a year ago my period returned and since then I have found it hard to shift my thinking to a weight like this. My BMI at the moment is above in a way is considered healthy. In the back of my mind I have doubts though. For example, in the bath i find strands of hair coming out. I have alo experienced coldness...though little now at a higher weight that I was. I find it extremely hard to distinguish between what is 'normal' hair loss/cold and what is not, because I don't remember 'normal' that well any more. I also am aware that other factors come into consideration, such as what I eat. I am only 16 and previous to my eating problems we did not own a scale, so I have never known what a 'good' weight for me is. I was wondering how you knew that your body was healthy? Did this come from aiming for a weight through increase of food? Or was it more through changing habits of eating and allowing your body to find its natural weight? Sorry for such a lengthy comment...and don't feel pressure to answer.Thanks again and wishing you the best for 2011! :)