Monday, February 18, 2013

Arielle's Eating Disorder Awareness Giveaway

I'm having a giveaway. Get ready!

Watch the brief video for instructions and get to it! :-)
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I'm having a giveaway - to participate, send me a YT message, email, FB message, tweet, blog comment, or video with your brief awareness story!


Anonymous said...

This might be small but I believe every little bit counts. When I considered myself recovered I got a tattoo of the National Eating Disorder Recovery symbol. Friends are often intrigued by what it means and I share my story of success. I make sure that I am never ashamed by what I have been though and make sure people know they are not alone.
I often share your blogs with friends that I know are struggling to help them through recovery.
I have made my voice heard in smaller venues such as at work with my co-workers, in school assignments and classroom chat, and I even did my main effective speaking project on eating disorders and opened a lot of eyes that day.
Every little bit counts!
-Christina Zajackowski

Chloe Faulkner said...

Hey Arielle. I thought I would give you my awareness story!

Well, over her in Northern Ireland we have very little to no awareness of eating disorders what so ever. So, in a few months I have arranged to meet with to start my own campaign called 'Can you stomach it?' And it is basically all about eating disorders and the issues surrounding them here in this country, and everywhere.

However, in the mean time I have written articles for my University magazine, started my blog, began posting things on face book about the disorder and basically becoming more open about my situation to people.

I plan to take my awareness as far as it will go and am currently trying to come up with a video idea to raise even more awareness while I wait for my campaign to start.

Anyway, that's really all!

XO Chloe

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Thank you both for your awareness stories! Consider yourselves added to the running for the giveaway. I will be tweeting your awareness tales! :-)

Amy-Louise said...

I've been actively raising awareness of Eating Disorders for about 2-3 years now and I love every second. As you are aware, this EDAW I made a collaboration video to raise awareness about eating disorders, which has received over 3500 views in 3 weeks and is set to rise! Those who were struggling to come out to their eating disorder had admitted to me that because of the video, they were able to feel less ashamed about their eating disorder.

Since then, my previous school caught hold of the video and we are in talks of doing body image workshops, presentations and talks to schoolchildren AND teachers, teaching them about body confidence and signs for teachers that a pupil is struggling with an eating disorder - as this was never really addressed when I was a student!

Video-blogging/blogging in general is my forte so I will continue to actively raise awareness through these forms for as long as possible. I do a lot of charity events and one year I plan to do something for BEAT also.

Campaigning is something I love. It finally allows my voice to be heard. Wouldn't be the person I am today without the beautiful ladies such as you Arielle to help me raise awareness also!


Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Thank you, Amy-Louise! :-) So proud of you. Consider yourself added to the running for the Giveaway. I will announce winners starting in March and I have been tweeting all the entrants as I have rec'd entries through various forms of communication. :-) Thanks again!

Amy said...

I do not share my story the way you do, Arielle. I want to, but I'm just not ready. Only the people very close to me know what I've been through and what I continue to go through. But while I keep my anorexia private, I spread messages of body acceptance and openness to differences in others. One day, I hope to share my story of recovery and help others who are in the depths of despair. I want to inspire people and show them that true recovery is possible. Until that day, I will continue spreading positive messages and hope that others will hear me.

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Amy, your story is yours and you have every right to be as public or private about it as you wish. I love what you are doing to spread awareness about body acceptance and diversity. Spreading positive messages is so important. Thank you for sharing. Consider yourself added to the running for the giveaway. I have been tweeting all the awareness stories I've received through my blog, YouTube, Facebook, email, and Twitter. I will announce the winners by Sunday or Monday (beginning of March). Take care!