Sunday, February 24, 2013

EDAW13: Sisterhood United

Those of you who have watched my Wednesday videos for years are probably aware that I am part of a collaboration on YouTube with other fantastic women who are working to help those with eating disorders. This weekend, I had the honor and privilege of being with Jenn (who makes videos on Saturday) and Rachel (who makes videos on Thursdays), as well as Caroline (who used to make videos for the channel years ago). I was also in the presence of another great activist, Kendra from Voice in Recovery.

For Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I plan to post a video every day. Day 1 of EDAW, you get this:

a beautiful video of 3 sisters from various locations coming together to laugh and smile and be silly. The friendship I have with Jenn is unparalleled and is only blossoming more and more. The friendship I have with Rachel has been 6 years running...and I only just met her on Saturday...because she lives in the UK. It's amazing that it finally happened.

While this video is extremely informal and has nothing to do with eating disorder advice, it's motivational in a simple way: it's 3 recovered women enjoying each other's presence, celebrating not only Eating Disorder Awareness Week, but friendship, sisterhood, and a life of FREEDOM!

You can have this.

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