Thursday, October 25, 2007

Letter to Myself

I wrote this letter to myself about 2 years ago. (There's definitely a pattern of 2 years ago being the time I decided to turn my life in a new and better direction.) It's sort of to me as a child and sort of to me just as me. I knew that little Arielle needed some comforting words. This letter made me smile and it made me cry. I look back on it sometimes to remind myself that I am taking care of her and how much that means.


Don't be afraid. I'll carry you quietly, because you need complete and unconditional love--and my arms will be full of enough understanding that I won't have to use words.

I'll show you what it is to live for you and not for others and what they say and do. I'll let you cry when you need to without feeling ashamed and I'll comfort you like a blanket that soothes all your troubles, worries, and aching limbs. I'll let you stretch into a woman and prove to you how great it can be when you accept yourself and all the changes that go along with being you.

I'll travel great distances to listen to what you have to say. I'll never make you feel alone, unwanted, slighted, or misunderstood. I'll let you be mature when you want to be and I'll let you be a child when it helps you to heal. I'll make promises and I won't break them.

I'll brush your hair. I'll rub your back. I'll sing you songs. I'll nourish you. I won't suppress you--or second-guess you--or leave you. I am invested in you.

You are important to me...because you are me.

Love, Arielle

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