Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spreading the Self-Love

There is a trail in my neighborhood that people use for walking and running. It's beautiful--especially in the fall. I have often seen people (mostly women) running there, so it seemed as good a place as any to post a body positive note.
On Thursday, I went for a little run myself, with a pre-written Post-It note in hand. It read:
You are beautiful just as you are. Love your body. I added's web address and my own.
I used a small tack to attach it to a tree that was prominently displayed. (It was a very small tack; I didn't hurt the tree at all.) I ran up to the other end of the trail and as I came to the end, a woman--a very, very, very thin woman--was passing me, heading in the direction of my strategically placed Post-It.

I ran home feeling good.


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alexiacortez said...

The thing you did touched me deeply. I feel overwhelmed by the media and the people around me all the time, about being thin, even if I search something stupid in internet, there are all these little ads in which they say "loose fat this easy and that way blah blah blah" I think it is getting rude since all the world system is being forced to make people hate themselves.When I first heard the song "sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann I cried a lot and decided not to buy any more magazines. I am not fat, but have very thick legs, and for years although I had a wonderful boyfriend I kept hating my body. Now I'm 30, and learnt what is really important in life: health & love.
sorry if my english is bad, I made an illustration years ago called "happy potato". You can see it here:
and read the description here: