Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tell Your Tale Tuesday (# 1)

Welcome to the very first Tell Your Tale Tuesday! Thank you all for your wonderful emails. I loved hearing from you and I hope that more of you will share in the future. It doesn't matter how many times you email or submit anything...there is no limit. I want to hear anything and everything you have to say. Even if you only have a question, I'd be happy to answer.

This week, I received some wonderful poems...

Darling Downer by Tabetha

The pigeons cant fly with broken wings
My sinful greed for other things
Has led me to this double life
Smoke filled rooms
Stable+Simple Lives

Can't escape myself
Take me away to the unfamiliar
A moment
Where the sun is wet
The rain is dry

One moment less to live
One moment more to die

I need the stars
I need the night sky
I need the moon
I need you tonight

I love Tabetha's poem, because it is written with such heart and simplicity. She boldly states what she was feeling. In speaking to herself openly and honestly, she addresses a variety of things. She writes of life, escape, and need. Tabetha, I'm so glad you shared this with me (and all of us). I hope if you ever have anything else to share, ask, or tell, that you will do so. Your poem was the first one I received and I was delighted to read it and ponder it. Thank you, Tabetha!


the way it was by Sarah

I wish

I were back at your uncle's house at the end of the oak alley
The only one the Yankees didn't burn
Wisteria twining
Swimming in the creek, gasping at the chill
Sleeping on the porch
(Everything on the porch)
Joggling boards and hominy and bonfires
Hammocks and hunting dogs

I wish

For sweet tea and icy lemonade in mason jars
Fried green tomatoes and okra
Seersucker and white linen
Redbud blooming
Watching you dig a barbecue pit
Your mama's biscuits light as feathers
Capture the flag and horseshoes as the sun dips down

I wish

I could have my fortune told again in Jackson Square
Drink hot thick black chicory coffee with you
At midnight, just getting started
Air so heavy it settles on my skin
Creole tomatoes and duck gumbo and sleepy gators
Knowing what I wanted
Walking along a levee
Not being afraid

I wish

For Abita Purple Haze
Crawfish and corn and potatoes
Spread out on the Times-Pic
The streetcar clattering by
Kissing tourists for beads
Music everywhere
Dey all ax'd for you

I wish

For dirt roads
And red sandstone
Peaches still warm from the sun
Mint juleps and straw hats
Cotton bolls and Sundrop
Old Master every day
The way magnolias fill the air
And knowing who I was

I wish I'd done some things differently
Taken more chances
Lingered longer
Paid more attention
Worried less
About what I didn't have
And understanding what I had

Sarah's poem makes me feel good inside; it reaches down deep to get at all those pleasant memories. It has a distinct feeling of nostalgia and self-affirming daily happenings. What's more, this poem has a subtle and beautiful undertone of self-love. Though it's looking back on "the way it was," Sarah's poem shows that what once was is not forgotten...and in fact, is remembered with happiness. Though things may have changed into less beautiful times, the promise of feeling good is still there, because she felt it once. Thanks for sharing this, Sarah. I enjoyed it so much. Though your wonderful poem looks back on happier times with a sense of sadness in your "I wish" refrain, it's clear you have a positive attitude and a love for life. I hope you'll share again if the feeling moves you. I'd enjoy hearing from you in any sense.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. Start sending in your words, thoughts, writings, poems, questions, comments, stories, etc. for next Tuesday! I'd love to hear from you!



Emily Jolie said...

The poems are so beautiful and inspiring, and so are your words about them, Arielle! Thank you for sharing all this here! You are so eloquent and have an amazing talent with rhetoric... as well as helping others to shine by bringing out their inner gem!

You are quite a special person, Arielle!

much love,


Arielle said...

Thank you, ej. Thank you so much. That comment really made my morning. :)

I'm glad you liked the poems; I loved them!

Much love,