Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Show & Tell: "222"

Here's the next piece of art in my Calling All Art! Show & Tell and Giveaway. This piece is by Rache and she calls it her "222 Collage."

I'm posting several photos of this collage, because it's large and cannot be shown in its entirety unless posted in increments.

[click for larger images]

Rachel writes:

"Ok, 222 - what I have to say about this collage is that it's about things being as they should be, basically. It's like a recipe to proceed, with that as the first ingredient. 222 has become a number symbolic with synchronicity in my life, and collages themselves, the way they seem to assemble before my eyes and reflect back at me what I didn't even know I was feeling or dealing with, have come to have that similar significance of...everything in its right place, making sense. This collage is not light, it has longing in it and pain and terror and ambivalence. But it has radical acceptance. I was in treatment when I made it, mostly out of photographs I have taken. So it's about accepting myself as much as it's about accepting life. It is a call to arms to act, knowing what I do about myself and the world I live in and the one I believed myself to be trapped in. This is my chance."

Well done, Rache! What I like about this collage is that it's REAL with a capital R. It shows so much of Rachel's soul and it shows promise of a great future. I especially like the words "We need a revolution." Simple statement, yet HUGE. I think it's so cool that she used her own photographs to create this piece of art, but what she did is compile pieces of herself, of her journey, and of her acceptance. She says it's about accepting herself, and I can definitely see that. Thanks for sharing your art with us, Rachel. Look for your piece on the sidebar of my blog for the next month and consider yourself entered in the Giveaway.