Friday, December 18, 2009

Appreciating What You DO Have Instead of Trying to Change What You've Got!

Here's my weekly video for the FreEDomFighters collaboration on YouTube. This week's topic is: Appreciating what you DO have instead of trying to change what you've got!

As always, just click to view on YouTube, as embedding is disabled.


Joy said...

love this! i'm really going to try some more affirmation-type tools daily.. not only when i think i "need" them. that's always seems to be too little too late.

great video!

Lou Lou said...

YOU ARE AMAZING! I have been on your blog but this was just so amazing! My flatmate and I used to list the persona that made us gladdest each day, and sometimes it was.. the shop owner who didnt treat me like just another customer and made me feel really special and unique, or the busdriver who told me I could pay tomorrow so I didnt miss my ride! This totally boosted my day. I have been reading blogs for a while and the thing I am truly thankful for is starting my own blog because it is such a hgreat way to feel supported and understood through recovery! and I am also thankful for this video! xx
also i am a make up artist and i love the top quote in your bathroom! actually janice's was pretty choice aswell!