Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Eat When Hungry & Stop When Full

Thought these videos might be helpful. I responded to a YouTube viewer's question - and man, is it an important question! The video is in two parts, but Part Two is short, I promise - you have to watch them in their entirety or a lot of the importance is lost.

Oh! And good news! A new webcam is in the process of being shipped to me! This is great because you will no longer have to hear that awful lisping noise my camera gives me when I make videos. I do not really lisp or sound like a snake, I promise. It's terrible the way the camera makes me sound. I can't wait for the new webcam!

Part One: How to Eat When Hungry and Stop When Full

Part Two: How to Eat When Hungry and Stop When Full


Joy said...

these videos are excellent... #3 was the story of my life for about 3 years. the only real way to stop bingeing is to stop starving... great post! :o)

clenbuterol said...

Hey! You are cute and sure not sound like a snake :). Yo-yo weight loss - who wasn't there?!