Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Your Distress Tolerance Plan Doesn't Work

Here's today's video, for this week on the ED recovery collaboration on YouTube. This week's topic:

"How do I continue with my distress tolerance plan when it doesn't seem to be working?"

In this video, I answer that question, as well as explain what a distress tolerance plan is. :)

As usual, click to view on YouTube, as embedding has been disabled.

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i love bows:) said...

thankyou so much for this arielle, was exactly what i needed right now. I have this whole list of things that i try to do as distraction, and when nothing is helping, thats when Ed starts calling the shots:)Its always good to hear how someone else has coped through this:)
so thankyou!

haha everytime i think om struggling with something, i look at my blog updates and you've done a video of whatever ive been thinking about!I found your 'how to eat to your apetite' vid really really helpful.

your brilliant!thanks
Vics x