Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PART TWO of "So, What's Your Story?"

Here's the next installment in my memoir videos. You can find PART ONE here. This is PART TWO:



Sol123 said...

I can so relate to everything! Specially the part about watching people on tv who had an eating disorder and thinking "God, that will never be me!". I never thought I was skin and bones during my illness, and it took me a while to realise I WAS indeed skin and bones.....I saw a picture of me a few years ago, from New Year´s Eve even a longer time ago and I just thought "wow, I don´t even recognise that girl, she doesn´t even look like me". I guess we´re all pretty blind when we´re in the lowest point of our disorder.

Thanks for another part of your memoirs so soon!
Love, Soledad.

Sia Jane said...

I adore you. So much. So much ♥

Anonymous said...

My nutritionist honestly changed my life. They are the ONLY reason i got this far in recovery..

Dana xo