Monday, June 28, 2010

PART THREE of "So What's Your Story?"

Here's the next installment in my memoir videos. You can find PART ONE here and PART TWO here. Here's PART THREE, continuing right along:


Kushika said...

You finished that on a very inspiring note. I one day hope that I will be able to say something along those lines too.

I'm actually crying right now...because I hate having a healthy body and a sick mind but some of your videos really fill me with hope that I WILL get better.

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Kushika - Thank you. There's actually more to come. Story's not over yet! :) You can do this... keep the hope. It can and will get better for you if you believe it and want it to.

Anonymous said...

You are honestly such an inspiration to me..... I just came across this and love love love your blog and youtube videos! I watched quite a few of them and think that you have some super helpful suggestions and are very insightful!!
Thanks for putting your story out there for us.... I know it's not always easy to be so open.... but it definitely helped me to listen to that and know that there is hope.... that people do recover!