Monday, July 5, 2010

The Final Installment of "So, What's Your Story?"

Here's the last installment in my memoir videos. You can find PART ONE here, followed by PART TWO here, followed by PART THREE here. Hope you have enjoyed getting some answers to your questions. :)


Sol123 said...

Thank you so much Arielle!
I do think that I did waste too many years with anorexia, that it took me far too long to get out of that hole, that I relapsed to many times, and sometimes I think "if I hadn´t wasted so much time, I´d be somewhere else now, you know, farther in my career, with a job, etc, etc", but I´ve come to realise that I couldn´t have done any of that before, because I wasn´t well, so I would have dropped everything mid I know that I can do things, and that I will see them through, because I´m stronger.
You´re very insipiring, I´ll never get tired of telling you that. :)


Rose said...

Thanks so much for all these videos, Arielle!
I just found your blog recently, but i've already read basically ALL of it because i think you are so great, inspiring and insightful. I'm working towards being fully recovered one day, and have met lots of therapists/nutritionists who are, but its great to hear a full story. Thank you so much for this blog, and for being you- you are amazing!

withoutexit said...

i really really appreciated your telling your story..
it's sad,for sure, but helped me..
i'm really struggling with my ED right now. even though i gained some weight back, and am now at a "normal" weight, i'm still struggling a lot.
i should check in as inpatient in a clinic in a couple of months, but i'm too scared of it so don't know if i'll manage to do it..

i really hate my ED,my life's so miserable.. but still i can't live without it..i just can't let it go..
and it's sad to say,but i don't have hope..

but your story's amazing,thanks for sharing!!