Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comparing Yourself to Others


Sol123 said...

Thank you so much! I needed this today!

Love, Soledad.

Kia said...

I wish you were Italian, so I could understand well also your videos...
Have you ever thought about a sort of partnership with girls who talk different languages (the main languages just like Italian, French, German, Spanish) to translate your videos? So everybody could understand them, and I think they are a great help as your written post are.

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Aw Kia,

I know it must be a shame not to understand fully what I say in my videos. How frustrating. I haven't really thought about a partnership with others who speak other languages, simply because - like you - they'd have to really be able to understand me in order to even do the translation in the first place. And I don't have the time to then sit and type out everything I say in a 10 minute video. But I do know that Veggie (a reader) asked if she could do her own (Italian) version of my video "Tell Her" once. I do not believe she has done it yet, but I wanted to let you know the possibility of people doing a sort of translation or other language version from time to time.

If you'd like, I will try to make a written version of this video (Comparing Yourself to Others) and post it for you. I know I have many international readers who might appreciate that.

Take care!

Kia said...

If you can - if you have time to, obviously, I can imagine how busy you are! - I will be very happy about such a thing!!
I hope that Veggie could make an Italian version of all your videos!!
(Unfortunately I've studied French at school, and the little bit English I know, I had to learn all on my own)
Your messages are really great, and it'd be beautiful if they could be translated in many languages!
I esteem you highly!!