Monday, March 4, 2013

And the Winners Are...

Joy C!
Thaleia K!
Christina Z!
Chloe F!

I chose the winners of my giveaway at random, as all the awareness stories I received were fabulous. I am so proud of all your efforts.

When Joy hears negative body talk she stops it and takes her nieces on Operation Beautiful note drops! Go, Joy!
Middle Eastern Dance (belly dance) helped with Thaleia's recovery, so she is excited to use that as a medium to raise awareness. She is planning a dance showcase that will raise money for one of my favorite ED associations. As part of the program, she will provide information and resources. Yay, Thaleia!

Christina got a tattoo of the National Eating Disorder Recovery symbol. Friends are often intrigued by what it means and she shares her story of success. She says she makes sure that she is never ashamed by what she has been though and makes sure people know they are not alone. She shares this blog with friends that are struggling and has made her voice heard in smaller venues such as with co-workers, in school assignments, and classroom chat. Thank you, Christina!

Chloe says in Northern Ireland there is little to no awareness of eating disorders, so she has arranged to meet with to start her own campaign called 'Can you stomach it?' The campaign is all about eating disorders and the issues that surround them in her own country as well as other countries. She has written articles for her University magazine, started a blog, and has begun talking more openly about her eating disorder on Facebook and with people. Great work, Chloe!

Joy, Thaleia, Christina, and Chloe - Please send me a FB message, Twitter direct message, or email with your contact info so I can mail you your e/d awareness bracelet. If I do not hear from you by the end of the week, I will attempt to contact you directly, but I do not have an email address for all of you. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the jewelry!

For those of you who would like to purchase an eating disorder awareness bracelet, you can do so here at my friend Mellissa's Etsy shop: Noor's Handmade Products

Each of the winners of my giveaway will receive one of these 4 unique bracelets:

And remember - awareness can continue all year long!

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Sia Jane said...

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Yay!!! I am so happy.
I remember you talking about this and it is great to hear the range of those recovering who have been involved xxxx