Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tell Your Tale Tuesday (#2)

I received a story from a 12 year old girl living in India--Meghna--for this week's Tell Your Tale Tuesday. She is sharing her creativity and her imagination with me and with all of you. Not only does she have great potential, but she is also brave enough to put her writing out there--both on her blog and mine. Thanks for sharing the workings of your mind, Meghna! Here is her short story: The Naughtiest Prankster.

The Naughtiest Prankster by Meghna

I woke up from the bed rubbing my eyes with laziness. I looked beside me and saw my very own image lying on the other bed. “Ah! Such a strange mirror! I said “I’m sitting on the bed and it shows me to be sleeping. And yeah, this mirror wasn’t there last night so how come it’s here now? Never mind!”

As I washed my face and returned to my senses, I noticed that it wasn’t a mirror image after all! It was a living body like you and me. I woke up that girl having a really spooky feeling inside myself. It looked as if Vegna (he...he that’s her name of course!) was wearing my mask over her skull.

She was just as surprised to see me as I was mind boggled! After some heated discussion, I discovered that she was my identical twin sister. Wow! Maybe…. We were separated at birth or Oh, you can assume it to be any story that you know about some twins meeting so late. Who cares?

Well I didn’t. All I cared about was how much fun I could have by doing all the pranks I knew about and then putting Vegna to fault! I soon ran around the house breaking my brother’s toys, troubling my mom and shuffling the papers on my father’s desk.

I spilled some oil outside the door of my brother’s room and hid in the corridor. I laughed to my heart’s content when I saw him fall yelling out loud. Later I put some pins on my father’s chair but this time I didn’t wait for the result because I was a bit scared. I then broke many utensils in the kitchen and had fun watching the troubled expression on my mother’s face!

When the whole house ran around yelling my name in anger I soon hid in the attic (my secret hiding place). Poor Vegna! She is the one who got all the scolding and punishment for my naughty pranks. I suppose she couldn’t speak out in her defense for she was too astonished to say even a single word. Anyways, I was glad at that news!

We, the twins, Vegna and myself, must have been real devils I suppose. I say so due to the stories or maybe myths I’ve heard about two twins being similar to each other. Arghhh…. Why did I play those pranks on Vegna, after all? I really acted like a fool and never thought that she too could trouble me in the same way as I did. Unluckily this is exactly what she thought and aah….did.

Vegna played naughty jokes on my family and talked rudely to my friends. The next day I was amazed that none of my friends talked to me and my parents scolded me unnecessarily for something I never did. Ah, it’s my fault after all. Anyways this really made me burn with anger.

To apologize for my bad behavior or actually Vegna’s bad behavior, I did some surprisingly good deeds. Everyone was surely amazed to see the other side of me. But that wretched Vegna, She took all the credit for everything I did. You must be wondering what I was doing at that time. So your answer is that I was shouting at the top of my lungs in the attic which used to be my hiding place. Vegna had found it out and had locked me inside the attic where no one could hear my voice!

The next on her list to trouble me was (Gasp) get really bad marks in….in…Oh, in my English Test. Can you imagine? English was my favorite subject, after all! I got very poor marks in the Test and my teacher scolded me telling that she had never expected such a thing from me. How could I tell her that it was not me who wrote the test but Vegna and I had been lying on the bed suffering from fever.


Sarah said...

This is brilliant! I'm so glad Meghna shared it.


Arielle said...

I'm glad she did too and I'm sure she'll be pleased you liked it. :)

Much love,

Meghna said...

Thank you arielle for posting my story. I am delighted to be a part of your blog!
Thanks sarah for the kind words. I am really glad that you liked it.

Arielle said...

You're very welcome, Meghna. Thank YOU. :)