Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lack of Confidence - Why?

All right, many of you are aware, in addition to my own channel, I am part of an ED recovery collaboration on YouTube. My day is Wednesday, which means I make a weekly video that's posted every Wednesday. We have 500 subscribers and counting. :) It is something I'm very passionate about and that is where many of the videos I post here come from. We get a lot of viewer questions and seek to answer them as best we can.

We've just implemented a new 28 day program. The topic of the program is CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM, and ASSERTIVENESS. Everyone (14 of us) in the collab sticks with their day (2 of us per day), but we are set to answer a specific question regarding this topic each time. Check it out at if you're interested. So I'm still doing my weekly Wednesday video, but the format's a bit different.

This week, I responded to the question:
"How do I and others knock my confidence and why do I spend time with people who do that to me?"

Video to follow below. In keeping with the CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM, and ASSERTIVENESS program, next week I'm set to respond to "What do I do to be assertive?" so stay tuned!

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Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing …