Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day #6: Doctor Doctor!

A personal ad -

Woman seeking doctor
With some compassion and a heart…
Woman seeking doctor
Who’ll see her face, not just a chart…
Woman seeking doctor
Who’ll show respect and empathy…
Woman seeking doctor
Who understands equality.

So – you ask – who am I?
A woman with a voice,
Who advocates for those
Who don’t know every choice.
I used to be a patient,
A client on the phone
Or standing there in person
Feeling so alone.

So – you ask – who am I,
Who seeks a doctor now?
A sufferer turned recovered,
With sweat upon her brow.
I morphed into a blogger
Who helps make words from tears,
I changed into a leader
Who tries to lessen fears.

Woman seeking doctor
Who wants to end the stigma…
Woman seeking doctor
Who wants to solve enigma…
Woman seeking doctor
Who sees mental health as vital…
Woman seeking doctor
Who wants more than just the title.

So – you ask – who am I
Who seeks a doctor now?
Recovered woman leader,
Who took on a new vow:
We need more good among us
And so I heed the call –
I went back to school to be
A mental health professional.

© Arielle Lee Bair

To all the great doctors and mental health professionals out there! And a call to arms for all those who could use a little reminder.


Fancy Free said...

Awesome. Thank you!

Tracey said...

I couldnt have written this better myself - you echoed my heart xxx