Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day #30: Someday I...

Someday, I...will create the Arielle Bair Foundation. Before I die, I want to create, found, and head a foundation that not only spreads awareness about eating disorders, but provides resources and financial help to people who really want help but can't afford it or access it for some reason. I feel strongly about this and know I can be of some help if the right opportunities and lifepaths present themselves. There are SO many people out there who want and need help, but can't get it due to finances, insurance issues, or even lack of quality care in their areas. I'd love it if my foundation could be international, because there are many countries out there who have health care systems that cannot amply provide for any eating disorder services for the people struggling.

**The AVERAGE cost for a month of in-patient treatment here in the U.S. is $30,000. That's ONE month. And most sufferers need MUCH more care than that provides. You're not "cured" in one month. And most people can't afford this kind of care. Nor can their parents if the sufferer is an adolescent or child.

I say that I want to create the Arielle Bair Foundation before I die, because it will take more resources, planning, guidance, expertise, and TIME than I currently have in my life. But...someday. It's in the works... it's in my head. :)

Can I do it? We'll see. But look, I already have my taglines. ^

And also? Someday I... am going to publish not one book, but many - on a variety of topics related to recovery. I have a unique voice in this field and I don't want to give you yet another personal story. For now, this blog is your place and I aim to serve. 


Wink said...

Arielle you definitely have a unique voice in this field and the encouragement, dedication, and inspiration you provide is fabulous! When I first came across your blog videos (years ago) I remember hoping you would continue to post for a few months at least, seeing as how many people start blogs or video series and sort of lose motivation. I am thrilled that you are still going strong with your commitment and I only hope you can get a glimpse of the power and inspiration you are offering so many of us on the other side of the screen! Thank you for your continued dedication and passion for ED awareness!

Cara said...

This is such a great goal Arielle! I know that you'll be able to accomplish this one day. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and can say that you are such a beautiful inspiration for recovery! You not only look at the food aspect, but at the mental aspect and that truly helps me and makes me think and relate it to my experiences and life. Thank you so much <3! I know that many look up to you and you are definitely well known throughout the online community, so I can see this happening for you in your future!