Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Page at a Time: A Quick Note ;-)

Just a note to say:

In addition to the many thank you letters, emails, and messages I receive for the work I do on this blog, through my YouTube videos, and in the eating disorder recovery arena, I often receive comments from people asking for more personal tid-bits about me. In fact, as my posts here are most easily characterized as motivational speaking/advice/self-help/encouragement, it’s not often necessary for readers to leave comments. They get what they come for and go on with their days. They don’t have to cheer me on or express empathy or ask how an event/task/problem that week went. This blog is for YOU, and therefore, the exchange via comments is not what you would see on other more personal blogs.

And so, as you might expect, I’ve found that my posts here that have generated the most comments are ones in which I talk about a personal experience, or share a memory, or give you a glimpse into my life. I’m so humbled by the fact that my readers are so eager to know more about me, to converse with me. As you can see from the About Arielle tab in my header, I wear many hats and do many things. And as I am sure you’ve guessed, there is much more to me than a woman who dedicates herself to this site.

So I thought that I’d take a minute to say thank you. Thank you for asking about my husband, my cats, my friends. Thank you for asking me what I do in a typical day. Thank you for asking me about my family life, my work life, the books I like to read. Thank you for inquiring about my future plans. I’m not keeping these things from you. I just have a personal blog called One Page at a Time, and it is there I write about my life, the things I see, the people I meet, my tragedies and my triumphs.

I have had my personal blog since 2007 and for the last few years you may have noticed a link to it on this site’s sidebar under the small heading “Want to Know More about this Blog’s Author?” but with hundreds of readers now accessing this site from smartphones, I realize the sidebar is not displayed in mobile interface. This, is my main site, but One Page at a Time is my every day life and may be what you’re more used to seeing from other blogs you frequent. This is not a plug for my personal blog – far from it – it’s just a reminder that it exists and if you are just dying to know more about the woman behind Actively Arielle (haha), you are welcome to visit me there.

In light of recent messages that are so kind and curious as to the life of this Arielle lady, I invite you to One Page at a Time.

Peace & love,

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John Marine said...

You are very welcome. Life and the Internet can use more positive people and positive spaces. You are certainly one of many positive influences. Keep up the great work. Your insight and charm are incredible. And as I always say, your words and insight are as beautiful as your looks. So keep up the great work!