Thursday, June 28, 2012

Arielle's Word of the Day #28: TRAVEL

I totally didn't plan this - but I just traveled. I'm actually in a different state right now, halfway across the country. I drove close to 14 hours to be in a dear friend's wedding. Traveling anywhere always has a sense of excitement associated with it, but this time, I'm really excited! There is nothing better than spending days with the best kind of friend, someone who warms the heart and fuels the soul. I'm so honored to be part of her wedding.

Travel has so many forms. I have been on many trips like this one - to see people who I consider to be of my sisterhood...people have become part of my foundation.

I have made many journeys. The journey into marriage with my husband. The journey into the life of a social worker and therapist. The journeys of various writing projects. But before all those life journeys, I made the journey into recovery.

I traveled to dark places and back out of them into the light.

And because of that tumultuous journey, I began yet another journey: I travel every day - figuratively, emotionally, and through words - to bring that hope to all of you. I take this role as seriously as any job, and in many ways it is one. It is rewarding in ways I cannot describe...because in doing so, I get to watch all of you travel too. I get to witness your recovery journeys and it is absolutely beautiful watching you run into the light.


Sia Jane said...

I loved your take on this :)
And I am so excited for the wedding :))
Pictures :)

Cheryl said...

Life is all about travelling, whether from place to place or moment to moment, and this post captures that beautifully.

I also think that helping others to get where they need to be is an important journey, not only for you and what that means for you (in terms of heart, soul, personal satisfaction, purpose, etc) but for the people you're helping continue on the right path.

I'm travelling day to day right now, and that's amazing. And it's posts like this that keep reaffirming my desire to recover, to keep on putting one foot in front of the other x

Have an amazing trip and make some wonderful memories!