Friday, June 29, 2012

Arielle's Word of the Day #29: MYSTERY

Life is a mystery. That's what makes it scary. That's what makes it wonderful. The beauty of it all is that we get to live the mystery one day at a time, together. We can do anything. Life is ours for the making. Mysteries abound.

We are all a mystery. To each other and to ourselves. That's what makes us scary. That's what makes us wonderful. The beauty of it all is that we get to live the mystery one day at a time, with ourselves, with each other. We can do anything. You can do anything. Life is ours for the making. Life is yours for the making.


Living the Mystery: Everyone is Looking

I am sharp, a polished statue
With eyeliner that speaks volumes
And hair that shines and falls
With perfect poise
Against the lapels of my suit jacket.
My smirk is confident,
My nods are important.
My nails are sleek,
My eyes are quick to discern.
I walk in brisk steps, heels click-clacking
On the hard floor.
Everyone is looking.

I am free, a hippie chick
With long, messed hair
That travels with me
And a singular smile
That proves I’m dancing
To the music in my head.
My swishing skirts
Follow my moves
As I walk in circles,
A book of poetry clutched in my hand,
Oblivious to the world around me.
Everyone is looking.

I am buzzed, a dance floor queen
With drink in hand
And hips that sway
To the beat of excitement and
The hum of the rhythm.
The darkness is loud
And the bright lights are
Calling to me
As I move each part of my body
With a passion.
My eyes are closed as I feel the song.
Everyone is looking.

I am rosy, a child in a meadow,
The green grass around me
And the blue sky above me.
My sunburned cheeks can
Feel my smile
As I twirl with abandon
And skip with delight.
My hair is wild,
My heart is light.
I wear a wreath of flowers
And my bare feet are brown.
Everyone is looking.

I am mystery, a mermaid in the water,
Sleek and supple,
Carefree and mischievous.
My eyes are wide with want,
My hair is like a garment.
The water moves with me
Like a friend I’ve known since birth.
If I splash, I laugh.
If I laugh, I’m beautiful.
I live for nothing
But the simplest joys.
Everyone is looking.

And I am looking back.

I am innocence, a dreamer on a porch swing
With lowered lashes and a book in hand.
Feet curled under, I breathe the summer
And smell my skin
While my eyes rove the pages
That hold stories of lovers
And sweep me up like a girl on a cloud.
I am everywhere at once,
With no experience
But a heart full of hopes.
When I sigh my softness shows.
Everyone is looking.

I am adventure, a spunky explorer
With crazy ideas
And confident independence,
The world at my fingertips
And my fingertips reaching.
The sun is my guide
And the wind is my song.
I am ready to go.
With knees rough from climbing,
I reach the top of a mountain
With respect and admiration.
Everyone is looking.
I am me.
I am looking
At everyone.
And everyone
Is looking
At me.

© ALB 2008

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