Friday, June 1, 2012

Arielle's Word of the Day #1: CHANGE

So here we are... Day #1 of Arielle's "Word of the Day" June Blogger Challenge, a beautiful union with Hungry for Change. If you have yet to sign up, you can do so here:

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But, of course, on to Day #1 of the "Word of the Day" Challenge...

Change means so many things. It can be wonderful. It can be difficult. It can be unexpected. It can be a goal. I say with certainty that I WILL CHANGE THIS WORLD FOR THE BETTER. And I don't mean that in a conceited, full-of-myself way. I just know that I will, because that is something for which I strive, for which I work. It is a goal of mine. It is the reason I use my voice. It is the reason I serve you.

I facilitate change daily. I have witnessed change. I have endured change.

But what I really want to talk about today is that fact that change can be scary. Yes, SCARY. There is often a lot of fear associated with change. And that's okay. We're humans. We're not robots.

And you know what else? As scary as it is, change is often necessary. Especially in eating disorder recovery.
It really is. Yeah, I know. It's also a lot of work. But it's for the best. So please, take this away with you today... a video I did a year ago...simply entitled CHANGE.

Check it out:
CHANGE with a Capital C ;-)

Also, if you're so inclined, I actually did a video called ACTIVE Change. As if Change alone wasn't enough, right? :-)



Cheryl said...

This sums up so much of what is necessary in eating disorder recovery. And yes, it's terrifying at times. But it's so worth it, as you are very good at reminding us.

I am proud to be a part of this challenge, and so glad to have found the Freedom Fighters channel, and by extension, these blogs.

Keep fighting, keep posting, keep writing, keep being an inspiration x

Keri said...

This was a brilliant post for 'Change'! Thank you for also attaching your videos, they were very insightful. You're right, change can be scary but it's worth it! :) xoxo.